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A Month of Poetry

Friday, August 29, 2008


hold on,
dont blink,
because after you do
its going to be all overwith
everything we worked so hard to rebuild
torn down to pieces

i miss are late night talks
about anything and everything
laughing the whole time
&& how you called 94.3 detication download
had them play "i kissed a girl"
for mitch
only you would do that

theres so much ive had to tell someone
but theres no one to tell
no one to listen
I'll probabily forget
by the next time we talk
when ever that may be,which no one really knows

we all make mistakes though
we all get punished for them
just some worse then others
we both knew you were the one
who got one of the worst
but i dont blame it all on you

does this mean we lost it all though?
just like before
forced to start all over
cuz we cant remember what we had?

it took a long while to get where we are now
from where we were
i really dont wanna
have ta start all of
if we dont have to

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