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A Month of Poetry

Saturday, February 9, 2008


its a path
no one know where youll end up
possibilities are endless
good bad
anywhere inbetween

find your purpose
your destiny
your innerself
take some chances
live in the moments
youll never forget

sounds so easy
they say creating your self
is the hardest part
living it
is the easyest part
follow your hopes && dreams
dont be afraid to be different

you created youself
not the life you wanted to live
you never imagined yourself here
did you do something wrong
was it one of the things
you regret doing

you get introuble
for failure
you get introuble
for success
are you suppose to
give up or keep goin

they say lifes a journey
an unguided path
they never included
your on your own
with no one there for you

Monday, February 4, 2008

past present future

You hate who you were
You hate who you are
Is there a change?
Theres a future
Will it change you?
Will you let it change you?

You know who you are
Know your potential
Know who your destin to be
Achieving thats the hardest
Do you know how to start?
Do you know where to go?
Is this just a blur
In a mess of confussion?

You have to be ready
You have to want to change
Know who your destin to be
Admire your potential
Cant let others tell you
What to do
It wont do anyone any good
Its all about you

Scared of the past
The presents hell
Scared of the future
Is this anyway to live
Scared of who you were
Scared of who you are
Scared of who you might become


Youve done so good
Your not who you were
Maybe im the only one to realise

People said otherwise
I denyed it
I knew what i seen
And i thought i knew
Maybe i should listen
Prlly learn more
Big mouth i know
It opens at the wrong time
Always, never fails

Just think
When you....up
Im the first one to get called
Im the first one to get questioned
Its always thought im a suspect

Im innocent
I dont want you introuble eather
I can only make you do things
To some extent
Then you take over
Make your own choices
Smart choices
The rite choices
I cant make them all for you

I thought you changed
I seen it
To quick to believe
Thought i could believe you
Guess i thought wrong


When everything starts to fall into place
Your adapting to your surroundings
Whats going on, your ok with it
Accept it weather you want to or not
Isnt a question

Someone always comes and.....it up
Some people mean it
Others dont realise
Should it matter if you mean it or not?
You still have......things up

Sorry is over rated
No one means it
It comes out of there mouth
Only what they know to say
Its a default
A reaction
If you were really sorry
It would of never happened
If you dont mean something
Keep your damn mouth shut

People are broken
People are hurting
They sure as hell
Dont need any help
Im sure if they did
It wouldnt be you

If this is your goal
If this is what you want
To hurt people
You can give up
Open your eyes
Realise for once
You won