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A Month of Poetry

Monday, February 4, 2008

past present future

You hate who you were
You hate who you are
Is there a change?
Theres a future
Will it change you?
Will you let it change you?

You know who you are
Know your potential
Know who your destin to be
Achieving thats the hardest
Do you know how to start?
Do you know where to go?
Is this just a blur
In a mess of confussion?

You have to be ready
You have to want to change
Know who your destin to be
Admire your potential
Cant let others tell you
What to do
It wont do anyone any good
Its all about you

Scared of the past
The presents hell
Scared of the future
Is this anyway to live
Scared of who you were
Scared of who you are
Scared of who you might become

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