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A Month of Poetry

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What You Mean To Me


I love you so much
Your simply amazing to me
One of the best people to come in my life
You mean everything to me
Please just promise me you wont leave me

I want you to be happy
I don’t wanna hold you back
From what you want out of your life
I want you to follow your heart
&& follow your dreams

I want us to work
Were really strong together
Its not going to be easy
Its going to be hard
Really hard
Were both young people
If we put are heart && soul together
I know we can make it work

You have you goals && your dreams
I have my goals && my dreams
We can bring them together
Create are goals && are dreams
Together with you by my side
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Im not perfect && your not perfect
We can be perfect together
Perfect for each other
Your heart && my heart combined

You make my life perfect
You complete me
I thought I had life good
If I thought it was good
Then you showed me perfect
A side of me I never knew existed
I don’t want to loose you
Ill do what ever it takes
You’ve changed my life
Baby Im just scared to loose you

When you leave please just know
No matter what happens to us
No matter where life takes us
You’ll always live inside my heart
There will always be a big chunk
That belongs to you
For all you’ve done for me
I cant say thank you enough
I cant say I love you enough
Its so much more then that

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever Notice?

Have you ever noticed
Everything that can go wrong
Will go wrong
All the bad stuff that can happen
Will happen
It just seems that
The good people have to die young

Take a look around you
Everyones so fake
So hypocritical
And worst so two faced

People say to your face
I care, Im always here for you
You havent heard from them since
Or occassionally they take a second
To talk,it seems the process just repeats
Do they still care? Are they always going to be there for you

People say
You can always trust me with anything
They turn the....around walk away
Run there mouth about you
About what you said to them
How stupid you were to believe them

Your miserable the way it is
You dont need this bullshit
You need people to be there for you
Love you no matter what
Have a complete bitch fit at you
You find it in your heart
You love them no matter what
You hear how shitty of a person you are
Yet you still come back
Love them no matter what
You know what its like
To be them
You know they need you
No matter what they say
How they act
Love them no matter what
Nothing could change that

No matter who you are
What had happened
It always attracts the good and bad people
If you were only surrounded by good people
You'd be better off, heal quicker
&& Change your life for the better

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look At Me

I dont think you
Realise who I am
How much I've changed
You still treat me the same

I hate school But I still go
I've got the best grades I've ever had
I've stoped skipping classes
&& Actually go to them
I've stoped sleeping in class
Now I just stair off into space
But thats a start

I get introuble because I dont behave
I rebel because I got introuble
Which just leads me into more trouble
Though I own up to my actions
I deal with the conciquences
&& Take responcibility
Of what I failed to do

I continue going to class
I still participated in what was going on
Do the homework, come prepared to class
No matter if I wanted to or not

I try harder then I did before
To come to class no matter what
Behave,not get introuble
&& Participate in what was going on
Weather I wanted to or not
Making sure the homework was always done
&& Coming to class with everything I needed
So I could be successful

I never use to be this way
I've learned to change
For the better no matter what it takes
I want to be seen as successful
Not a failure who doesnt care

That was me before
The person you thought you knew
This is me now
Look me in the eye and tell me I havent changed

Friday, January 25, 2008

Love (not really sure what to call it so this works for now)

Why is it
No matter who you date
Or how good they are to you
You always end up getting hurt

When you do everything right
They find a way to hurt you
When you do everything wrong
They find a way to hurt you
You have no where to go
Theyve messed with your head
Like never before

Havent you been hurt enough
I think so
I dont know how much more you can take
But you are one strong gurl
Whose never given up

But still
When your with them you follow "there rules"
When your not with them
You still have to follow "there rules"
Is it in hopes of getting back with them
Or so when you happen to see them
They dont call you out on something
You know they hate

When will people wake the.....up
Realise how badly youve been hurt
In the past, In the present and scared of the future

Im not asking for you to be judged
From your past or present
Just enough to realise
Your hurt your damaged
Because of them

Its not my place to say it
But i dont care
Imma say what I want
Being as someone who
Cares about you and the choices you make
&& Loves you with everything they have

Im tirred of
Seeing you hurting so bad
When you fall to the ground
Because the pain is so bad
The only person who can help you up
&& Put your feet back on the ground
Is the person who knocks you down
Then walk away like nothing ever happened
Im tirred of it

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Just Me

The only thing I can be is ME
Its the only thing
I know how to do
Its the only thing I want to do

I dont want to be judged
I dont want to be sterotyped
I dont want to be a hypocrit
I just want to be ME

I want to be loved
For who I am
For whats on the inside
Not whats on the outside

I just want to be me
I know I make bad choices
I know my priorities
Are not in order
I'm awair of all of this

I dont know it all
I'll admit it
I'll admit I dont know
What I want in life
Or who I want to be
I'm ok with that
All I want to do
Is be ME

People are different
Feel success in different way
Have different views && different goals
Thats what makes us individuals

If only I could be me
That'd be success
Thats all I want out of life
It's the best thing out there

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I wish you would learn to think before you acted
Listened before you spoke
&& Most of all
Learned from your//our mistakes

I'll flat out say it
It's your life
Do what you want
But it reflects me to

Your doing what you think is rite
Your doing what you think you need to do to get by
Did you ever consider me?
What I think is rite
What I think you need to do to get by

I'll flat out say it
Its your life
Do what you want
But it reflects me to

I dont agree with what you do
But thats just me
I cant change the fact
More then likely
Your choices hurt me
More then they hurt you

I'll flat out say it
It's your life
Do what you want
But it reflects me to

You make choices
They hurt you in the begining
But you accept them
Let them go && move on

I'll flat out say it
It's your life
Do what you want
But it reflects me to

Your choices dont hurt me
Just in the begining
Im not like that
I dont just
Accept them
Let them go && move on
I remember them
I'll never forget them

I'll flat out say it
It's you life
Do what you want
But it reflect me to

My eyes burn from crying
My stomach hurts
Because everything I do
I think of you

I'll flat out say it
It's your life
Do what you want
But they reflect me to

Now you know how I feel
&& What I think of it all
I dont care if it matters to you
Or what you think of it
I just needed Closher
To let you know how I feel
&& My views on it

I'll flat out say it
It's your life
Do what you want
But it reflects me to

Monday, January 21, 2008

Its Not Just You

When you feel all alone
Like no one cares
&& everything just collapses on you
Your never alone

People come in are lives
People leave are lives
It just a challange

Your never alone
Theres always someone there for you
The real question is
Do you know who they are?

Theres a lot of things no one says
But they should of
Letting us know
They'll always be there for you
That they'll never give up on you
And when you fall
They wont trip over you
Like everyone else does
But they'll stop && pick you up

If any of theese things were ever said
Would you still feel so alone?
Most likely not
Just knowing someone out there
Cares enough about you
Makes such a difference in some peoples lives

There are people
Who fear love
Because theyve never known what is like
Isnt being loved one of the best feelings ever?

There are people
Who fear success
Because theyve never had anyone
Who actually believed in them
Isnt success one of the best things ever?

Theres a lot of people
Who have never had someone like that
Theyve never had that feeling before
All theyve known is to be alone
Theyve been stuck in there dark world
This whole time

When you feel all alone
Like no one cares
&& everything collapsed on you
Your not alone

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Good and The Bad

You try hard in school
You get really good grades
Weather you like it or not
You still willing go
And do whats expected of you

You can see it coming
A decrease in a certain class
You take responsibility
Of what you failed to do

You try so hard to better yourself
You'll do what ever it takes
Even when you realise
No one supports you
You continue to try
You yourself know you potential

People still look at you as a failure
People including Parents
Don't believe in second chances anymore
You fail at something once
They Just give up on you

You dont care your re taking it anyways
weather you like it or not
you still willingly go
and do whats expected of you