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A Month of Poetry

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever Notice?

Have you ever noticed
Everything that can go wrong
Will go wrong
All the bad stuff that can happen
Will happen
It just seems that
The good people have to die young

Take a look around you
Everyones so fake
So hypocritical
And worst so two faced

People say to your face
I care, Im always here for you
You havent heard from them since
Or occassionally they take a second
To talk,it seems the process just repeats
Do they still care? Are they always going to be there for you

People say
You can always trust me with anything
They turn the....around walk away
Run there mouth about you
About what you said to them
How stupid you were to believe them

Your miserable the way it is
You dont need this bullshit
You need people to be there for you
Love you no matter what
Have a complete bitch fit at you
You find it in your heart
You love them no matter what
You hear how shitty of a person you are
Yet you still come back
Love them no matter what
You know what its like
To be them
You know they need you
No matter what they say
How they act
Love them no matter what
Nothing could change that

No matter who you are
What had happened
It always attracts the good and bad people
If you were only surrounded by good people
You'd be better off, heal quicker
&& Change your life for the better

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