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A Month of Poetry

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look At Me

I dont think you
Realise who I am
How much I've changed
You still treat me the same

I hate school But I still go
I've got the best grades I've ever had
I've stoped skipping classes
&& Actually go to them
I've stoped sleeping in class
Now I just stair off into space
But thats a start

I get introuble because I dont behave
I rebel because I got introuble
Which just leads me into more trouble
Though I own up to my actions
I deal with the conciquences
&& Take responcibility
Of what I failed to do

I continue going to class
I still participated in what was going on
Do the homework, come prepared to class
No matter if I wanted to or not

I try harder then I did before
To come to class no matter what
Behave,not get introuble
&& Participate in what was going on
Weather I wanted to or not
Making sure the homework was always done
&& Coming to class with everything I needed
So I could be successful

I never use to be this way
I've learned to change
For the better no matter what it takes
I want to be seen as successful
Not a failure who doesnt care

That was me before
The person you thought you knew
This is me now
Look me in the eye and tell me I havent changed

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