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A Month of Poetry

Monday, January 21, 2008

Its Not Just You

When you feel all alone
Like no one cares
&& everything just collapses on you
Your never alone

People come in are lives
People leave are lives
It just a challange

Your never alone
Theres always someone there for you
The real question is
Do you know who they are?

Theres a lot of things no one says
But they should of
Letting us know
They'll always be there for you
That they'll never give up on you
And when you fall
They wont trip over you
Like everyone else does
But they'll stop && pick you up

If any of theese things were ever said
Would you still feel so alone?
Most likely not
Just knowing someone out there
Cares enough about you
Makes such a difference in some peoples lives

There are people
Who fear love
Because theyve never known what is like
Isnt being loved one of the best feelings ever?

There are people
Who fear success
Because theyve never had anyone
Who actually believed in them
Isnt success one of the best things ever?

Theres a lot of people
Who have never had someone like that
Theyve never had that feeling before
All theyve known is to be alone
Theyve been stuck in there dark world
This whole time

When you feel all alone
Like no one cares
&& everything collapsed on you
Your not alone

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