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A Month of Poetry

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What You Mean To Me


I love you so much
Your simply amazing to me
One of the best people to come in my life
You mean everything to me
Please just promise me you wont leave me

I want you to be happy
I don’t wanna hold you back
From what you want out of your life
I want you to follow your heart
&& follow your dreams

I want us to work
Were really strong together
Its not going to be easy
Its going to be hard
Really hard
Were both young people
If we put are heart && soul together
I know we can make it work

You have you goals && your dreams
I have my goals && my dreams
We can bring them together
Create are goals && are dreams
Together with you by my side
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Im not perfect && your not perfect
We can be perfect together
Perfect for each other
Your heart && my heart combined

You make my life perfect
You complete me
I thought I had life good
If I thought it was good
Then you showed me perfect
A side of me I never knew existed
I don’t want to loose you
Ill do what ever it takes
You’ve changed my life
Baby Im just scared to loose you

When you leave please just know
No matter what happens to us
No matter where life takes us
You’ll always live inside my heart
There will always be a big chunk
That belongs to you
For all you’ve done for me
I cant say thank you enough
I cant say I love you enough
Its so much more then that

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