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A Month of Poetry

Friday, January 25, 2008

Love (not really sure what to call it so this works for now)

Why is it
No matter who you date
Or how good they are to you
You always end up getting hurt

When you do everything right
They find a way to hurt you
When you do everything wrong
They find a way to hurt you
You have no where to go
Theyve messed with your head
Like never before

Havent you been hurt enough
I think so
I dont know how much more you can take
But you are one strong gurl
Whose never given up

But still
When your with them you follow "there rules"
When your not with them
You still have to follow "there rules"
Is it in hopes of getting back with them
Or so when you happen to see them
They dont call you out on something
You know they hate

When will people wake the.....up
Realise how badly youve been hurt
In the past, In the present and scared of the future

Im not asking for you to be judged
From your past or present
Just enough to realise
Your hurt your damaged
Because of them

Its not my place to say it
But i dont care
Imma say what I want
Being as someone who
Cares about you and the choices you make
&& Loves you with everything they have

Im tirred of
Seeing you hurting so bad
When you fall to the ground
Because the pain is so bad
The only person who can help you up
&& Put your feet back on the ground
Is the person who knocks you down
Then walk away like nothing ever happened
Im tirred of it

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