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A Month of Poetry

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Just Me

The only thing I can be is ME
Its the only thing
I know how to do
Its the only thing I want to do

I dont want to be judged
I dont want to be sterotyped
I dont want to be a hypocrit
I just want to be ME

I want to be loved
For who I am
For whats on the inside
Not whats on the outside

I just want to be me
I know I make bad choices
I know my priorities
Are not in order
I'm awair of all of this

I dont know it all
I'll admit it
I'll admit I dont know
What I want in life
Or who I want to be
I'm ok with that
All I want to do
Is be ME

People are different
Feel success in different way
Have different views && different goals
Thats what makes us individuals

If only I could be me
That'd be success
Thats all I want out of life
It's the best thing out there

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