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A Month of Poetry

Monday, February 4, 2008


When everything starts to fall into place
Your adapting to your surroundings
Whats going on, your ok with it
Accept it weather you want to or not
Isnt a question

Someone always comes and.....it up
Some people mean it
Others dont realise
Should it matter if you mean it or not?
You still have......things up

Sorry is over rated
No one means it
It comes out of there mouth
Only what they know to say
Its a default
A reaction
If you were really sorry
It would of never happened
If you dont mean something
Keep your damn mouth shut

People are broken
People are hurting
They sure as hell
Dont need any help
Im sure if they did
It wouldnt be you

If this is your goal
If this is what you want
To hurt people
You can give up
Open your eyes
Realise for once
You won

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