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A Month of Poetry

Saturday, February 9, 2008


its a path
no one know where youll end up
possibilities are endless
good bad
anywhere inbetween

find your purpose
your destiny
your innerself
take some chances
live in the moments
youll never forget

sounds so easy
they say creating your self
is the hardest part
living it
is the easyest part
follow your hopes && dreams
dont be afraid to be different

you created youself
not the life you wanted to live
you never imagined yourself here
did you do something wrong
was it one of the things
you regret doing

you get introuble
for failure
you get introuble
for success
are you suppose to
give up or keep goin

they say lifes a journey
an unguided path
they never included
your on your own
with no one there for you

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