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A Month of Poetry

Sunday, June 8, 2008

my friends
the good old fights
every other week
replacement,let down,disapointed
& so much more
was all i knew

they made u cry
most of the time
didnt care much at all

did you go to notre dame?
mandi randomly blurts out
are you brooks cousin
mitch took no time to shot that one back
that was the start of sumthin
nunna of saw comin

she showed me stuff i didnt even know
the stupid fights everyother week
werent necessary
she never made me cry
like all the rest of them did
if anything
shes the one who held me when i cried
told me everything would work out
no matter what
she was always there
if anything
shes the one who stoped the tears

sum thing i never knew could happen
suddenly appeared right before my eyes

ive never had someone there like her
almost impossible not to tell her every thing
it just kinda happens
a part of me knows shes different
with no thought involved
trust her like never before
tell her almost everything inside me
ive never had someone like her before

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