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A Month of Poetry

Monday, September 15, 2008


people talk about there bestfriends
and all the stuff they did together
i sit and stair into space
thinking of all the times we had together
then it reminds me im all alone with out you

they say
oh i havent seen my best friend in like a week
i sit there and say nothing
soon reminded its been almost two months
since ive got to see my best friend
but yet i sit there and say nothing

people chill with there friends
while im pushing mine away
they want me to come along
but i just tell them i cant
because im missing you to much

im fighting so many feelings
missing someone to be crazy with
feeling lonely without you
some times i just wanna break down
cry a little bit because i miss what we had so much
but i try and cover it with a smile
ill never trust anyone like i trust you
yes i have other friends, but none like you

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