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A Month of Poetry

Sunday, September 28, 2008

movin on

truth to be told;;i need to learn to let go of the past

you said you missed me
you said you needed me
you said i was like only one of the friends you really wanted
schools started now
youve prlly moved on
gone on with life with all your friends
that you actually get to talk to and see
but id prlly do the same thing

you got to call me for like 5 mins on your birthday
so i guess you remember me to some extent
but since then
if youve forgotten me
thats ok i guess
i'll be able to move on in time
it'll be hard cuz im sitting here
holding onto the past
holding on to you
holding on to what we had

i dont make promises i cant keep
i promised id be here waiting for you
no matter how long it takes
and im keepin that

its been so long
no doubt things will be different
but im prepared for that
not really but i'll say i am
try and cover the tears with a smile
try and go on like everythings ok

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